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At The Fair


You can find our DEMO area in Building #2
Demonstration Schedule


12:00    Crook and Lamb - Drop Spindle Basics

1:00    Rug and Fiber Arts Guild

2:00    Betty Kujawa- Alpaca does it make the grade?

11:00    Jeananne from Cerulean Orchid- Faux Brioche for Crochet

12:00   Betty Kujawa- Alpaca does it make the grade?

1:00     Rug and Fiber Arts Guild

2:00    Anne Broadway - Circular knitting machine - Knitting socks


at the Fair!

  • Welcome Table

  • Classroom Check In

  • Set Up/ Take Down

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Fiber-based Thank You Gifts!
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Gather with us after the marketplace has closed Friday. Bring your fiber art of choice and spend some time crafting with like-minded folk. It's always a highlight of the Fair!
Folding chairs are provided. You are welcome to bring your own favorite chair.
FRIDAY  6-9pm in Building #1
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