Indirect Warping on a Rigid Heddle Loom with Rebecca Thomas-Maurer

Indirect Warping on a Rigid Heddle Loom with Rebecca Thomas-Maurer

The ease of warping directly onto a rigid heddle loom is fantastic, we love it! But what happens when you have a limited amount of space, or you’ve found a gorgeous hand dyed warp? Learn the basics of calculating, winding, and warping indirectly on your rigid heddle loom. You’ll be able to minimize loom waste with calculations designed specifically for rigid heddle looms. We'll warp our looms for a simple scarf, while also discussing the advantages and creative possibilities of creating warps off the loom


Level: Adventurous Beginner - Any rigid heddle weaver who can comfortably warp their own loom.

Ages: 16+

Materials Fee: $5 to cover handouts and random bits needed for class.


Please Bring: Students will need a rigid heddle loom with any heddle size, and yarn to match heddle size. Yardage will vary, but be included in preclass instructions (email). Students are required to bring a warping board or warping pegs.

To Do BEFORE Class: Read preclass email and prepare materials.




This Class will be held in Building 1 (Classroom Building)

In Classroom Area: 3

Date/Time: Fri May 6 9am-noon


Please arrive at Class Check-In (at the entrance to the Class Building) at least 10 minutes early to receive your Name Tag and find your class area._____________

  • Instructor Bio

    Rebecca got started knitting about 13 years ago as a way to keep her out of trouble. The experiment failed miserably as she got into all kinds of trouble with knitting, spinning, weaving, stitching and general yarn hoarding. She can be found in the wild carrying yarn of some kind, working at a local yarn store, or teaching classes in knitting and weaving to unsuspecting prey.

  • Cancellation / Refund Policy

    In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your registration, please contact the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair team at or by calling 385.429.3201.

    Please note: after March 31, 2022, we will refund 50% of the class fee, and after April 15, 2022, refunds are no longer available.

    Transfers to other classes will be approved on an individual basis.

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