Beginning Weaving on an Inkle Loom with Charlotte DesRoches

Beginning Weaving on an Inkle Loom with Charlotte DesRoches

This class is a beginners inkle loom weaving class. You will learn how to make string heddles necessary for your project, and create a pattern to follow for weaving your own Inkle Band. You will be learning plain weave to create a colorful band. You will learn the proper way to warp and weave inkle bands, with emphasis on tension and even edges.


This is a beginning class. We welcome students over the age of 16.



Class will be held in Building 1 (Classroom Building)

Classroom area # 4

Saturday May 11 from  9am-noon

Please arrive at Class Check-In (at the entrance to the Class Building) at least 10 minutes early to receive your Nametag and find your class area.



Please bring: 

Graph paper, colored pencils, regular pencil, scissors


The Materials Fee for this class is $50 and includes an inkle loom to keep, weaving shuttle, all cord needed for class project.


A minimum of 5 students must register for this class to be held.

  • Cancellation and Refund Policy

    In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your registration, please contact the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair team at or by calling 385.429.3201.


    Please note: after March 10, 2019, we will refund 50% of the class fee, and after April 10, 2019, refunds are no longer available.


    Transfers will be approved on an individual basis.

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