Gauge. Does It Really Matter? (And Other Tips for Project Success)Karyn Johnston
  • Gauge. Does It Really Matter? (And Other Tips for Project Success)Karyn Johnston

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    Perfect for beginning and advanced knitters alike, this comprehensive, hands-on class will encompass all topics to help demystify gauge, including what gauge means, a complete survey of different yarn gauges, how to read ball bands and do a gauge swatch, and an inquiry into how gauge and yarn choice relates to your project. My goal in this class is to help you not only feel more confident and be more successful choosing your yarn, pairing it with a project, and selecting appropriate needles, but also offer tips and tricks to ensure you create the finished object you imagined.


    This class is appropriate for all knitters with a desire to knit more successful projects.


    Class will be held in Building 1 (Classroom Building)

    Classroom area # 6

    Saturday May 11 from  2pm-5pm

    Please arrive at Class Check-In (at the entrance to the Class Building) at least 10 minutes early to receive your Nametag and find your class area.



    Please bring: 

    Any and all questions including project ideas, queries, inspiration, and dilemmas


    There is no Materials Fee for this class and you get a tactile yarn gauge guide to keep.


    A minimum of 5 students must register for this class for it to run.

    • Cancellation and Refund Policy

      In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your registration, please contact the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair team at or by calling 385.429.3201.


      Please note: after March 10, 2019, we will refund 50% of the class fee, and after April 10, 2019, refunds are no longer available.


      Transfers will be approved on an individual basis.