Intuitive Spinning with Jillian Moreno

Intuitive Spinning with Jillian Moreno

If you don’t like technical spinning or stopping to do a lot of measuring, you can still get the yarn you want for a project or a yarn that you dream about.


Intuitive spinning relies on the look and feel of a yarn while you’re spinning rather than the measurements.

In this class we will explore the intuitive style of spinning for drafting and plying.

You’ll learn how to use your eyes, hands and a few guidelines to get the yarn your want.

We will spin sample yarns of different sizes and styles, and learn to keep a yarn consistent without measuring. We’ll discuss exactly when and what to measure when you’re spinning for a project (hint, it’s not much).


Please come with a yarn to spin in mind.


This is an intermediate class. Spinners must be comfortable spinning singles on a spinning wheel or spindle, be able to adjust your wheel and make a plied yarn that pleases you.



Class will be held in Building 1 (Classroom Building)

Classroom area # 1

Saturday May 9 - 2pm-5pm

Please arrive at Class Check-In (at the entrance to the Class Building) at least 10 minutes early to receive your Nametag and find your class area.



Please bring: A wheel in good working order, at least four bobbins, a lazy kate, a niddy noddy, tags to mark samples and pen and paper to take notes.


The Materials Fee for this class is $20.00 which includes a variety of fibers and preparations including fibers dyed by independent dyers. Students receive enough fiber for class and to practice skills at home after the class. Materials fees need to be paid at the beginning of class to the instructor via cash or check.


  • Cancellation and Refund Policy

    In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your registration, please contact the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair team at or by calling 385.429.3201.


    Please note: after March 10, 2020, we will refund 50% of the class fee, and after April 10, 2020, refunds are no longer available.


    Transfers will be approved on an individual basis.

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