Spinning Braids: All of the Fun, None of the Stress with Jillian Moreno

Spinning Braids: All of the Fun, None of the Stress with Jillian Moreno

Spinning Braids: All of the Fun, None of the Stress with Jillian Moreno

A Virtual 2-Part Workshop Saturday May 15, 2021

10am-12pm  AND  2pm - 4pm


Please Note: This all-day workshoop is taught over two sessions, a morning and an afternoon with a two-hour break inbetween.


How many ways are there to spin a painted braid? You are only limited by how fast you can spin and how many braids you have. This 2-part class will take you through a variety of ways to work with variegated top. You’ll start by learning about different dye patterns and how to prepare a braid for spinning.


Then we’ll explore: 

  • Keeping colors the same as they are in the braid.
  • Mixing and blending colors.
  • The difference between combo spin, comb ply and combo draft.
  • How to stretch your braid by combining fibers.
  • How different dye patterns look when they are spun
  • The easiest way to choose multiple braids to mix for a hat or for a sweater. 
  • How yarn size, fiber prep and your drafting style affects variegated yarns.
  • How to sample braids and keep track of your samples easily.


This class will give you a better idea of how braid in hand looks after it’s spun and knit. After this class you’ll never look at your stash the same way again.


Technique Requirements:

Basic spinning and plying knowledge. If you have spun and plied a yarn and are excited about color and braids this class is for you.



A wheel is good working order, at least three bobbins, a lazy kate, a niddy noddy, tags to mark samples and pen and paper to take notes. 



You will need two or three braids (or portions of braids), natural colored, and solid colored fiber for this class. Since you are all at home with your stashes, this is a great class to bring and show braids you are not sure what to do with or braids that you think go together but aren't sure.

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    Please note: after April 10, 2021, refunds are no longer available.


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