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Vendor FAQ

What is a live virtual event?


A live virtual event connects vendors with customers in a face to face interaction. The vendor’s booth is set up at their home and customers have the opportunity to click through to a live chat with the vendor. This is all done from a single event webpage that will be linked to the Great Basin Main website page.


What will it look like?


The “front” of your booth will be a group of images (video is possible) that you will submit when you register for the event. As the customers scroll through the vendors, they will see your pictures, a description of your product, and a button to click through to your website.


I’m not “techy”, am I going to be able to figure this out?


We think it’s simple enough that anyone will be able to figure it out.

Step 1: Log in to the event webpage.

Step 2: Click the “Start Video Chat” button.

Step 3: Get ready to meet your customers!

Do I need to download anything?


Nothing needs to be downloaded by the vendor or the customer.


Should I set up my full booth, just like an “in-person” event?


Events like this are still new, so you are a trailblazer in figuring out what works best. We recommend taking some time before the event, setting up a display, and looking at it through your camera. Does it look cluttered? Boring? What catches your eye?


How will I make sales?


We recommend two options.

1) If you have an online store, customers can click out of the chat and click on your website. Be prepared with clear instructions - “Click on the webpage under my tile. Search for in my online store”.

2) Provide the customer with your PayPal address. When they pay, ask them to include the item they are purchasing in the “Note”.

How many customers can enter my booth at a time?


Just like your booth at an event can fill up, your online booth can fill up. We max the capacity at 5, which is primarily so that everyone’s internet connections can provide a quality video experience for the customer.

What do I do if I can’t get something to work?


BoothCentral provides Chat help during the course of the event. With one click someone will be there to provide you or your customer with technical support.

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