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2021 GBFAF Colorway: Dusk at the Great Salt Lake

The Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair announces the first annual fair color way, “Dusk at the Great Salt Lake”. This color way, evoking the beauty, electricity, and boldness of a sunset reflecting off lake and mountain, will be a featured category in 2021’s fiber arts competition. The category will be called “Best Use of 2020 GBFAF Color Way: “Dusk At The Great Salt Lake”. This special category will only require the entry to be made out of fiber of this color way, be it yarn, roving, thread, batts, or other fiber arts materials. Any fiber arts project using materials dyed in this color way will be accepted into this special category and judged based on best use of color. We are encouraging vendors to include this color way in their offerings too. We are excited to see you and all of your creations at the next Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair.


The following Pantone color numbers are provided, only as an aid and only if helpful, because of the variation in color computer screens provide.

Pantone 17-4021 Faded Denim, 

Pantone 15-5718  Biscay Green
Pantone 18-4528 Mosaic Blue

Pantone 14-1318 Coral Pink 

Pantone 18-1345  Cinnamon Stick

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