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At The Fair


Estonian Lace with Nancy Bush

Saturday  11-1 Estonian Lace

Come see Nancy Bush. Bring your books for signing and check out her creations on display.

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you can find our DEMO area in Building #2

Friday at 12:00

Stretchy Button Bracelet by Jodie McDougall

Friday at 1:00

Making Worsted & Bulky yarns from Fingering Weight Singles by Carolyn Greenwood

Friday at 1:30-3:00

Rug Hooking

Friday at 3:00

Dryer Balls by Joelle McCarthy

Friday at 4:00

What to Look for When Buying a Fleece by Teri Elliason

Saturday 11:30- 1:00

Special Guest Nancy Bush!

Saturday 11:00

Fly Tying by Fred Jepsen

Saturday 1:30

Felted Soap by Carolyn Greenwwod

Saturday 2:00

Ply on the Fly - on a Spindle by Jennifer Green

Saturday 3:00

Broom Making by Scott

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Make and Take

Make and Take - Concrete Jewelry

Embroidered Concrete Jewelry by Nashlah Boyayan  

Come and learn how to work with this amazing "new" material! Concrete is lighter than stone, resin or metal of comparable size, making it perfect to use for jewelry and other objects of personal adornment. Concrete may seem an unlikely material for jewelry, but time to discover the endless creative possibilities! It’s lightweight, easy to use, extremely versatile, and inexpensive. Concrete sets in minutes cures hard and is ready to use in about an hour, making it perfect for a myriad of uses in jewelry and other art forms. You will be able to make your own embroidered concrete necklace.  Discover how to use just a needle, some thread, and a little bit of concrete to make truly one of a kind pieces that will make a statement!

Make and Take - Celebration Doll Pins

Celebration Doll Pins by Catherine Marchant  

These little dolls are woven on a cardboard loom. Easy enough for a beginner, yet fun for experienced weavers as well.

$10.00 per doll: yarn, pin back, glue, loom

Make and Take - Felted Ball Jewelry

This one is great for kids! Learn simple wet felting by fashioning felt balls. Make a necklace or bracelet.

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Knit Doctor

The Doctor is IN

If you are stuck on a project, or need help translating pattern instructions, bring your problems to the Knitting Guild information table.    Come with your pattern instructions, project, tools (i.e. extra knitting needles, waste yarn for practice or lifelines, tapestry needles, etc. ), pencil and paper for notes, mobile device with camera / video.   

Members are there to help you get past roadblocks, they will not finish your projects for you. 
This service does not include repairing knitted items.

DO NOT bring moth-eaten item into the Fiber Fair !

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